Tuesday, March 22, 2005

gender (in)equality in islam...

so, some of you may have heard that dr. amina wadud, pictured above, led a prayer session last friday in nyc. it's all a big deal and shit... because it's always been men who lead prayers. i'm all for it of course, and i hope more and more muslim women step up and try to level the playing field. but some of the comments coming out of this whole thing within the internet muslim community are just fucking ridiculous. so ridiculous, that i'm all riled up from reading some of these absolute asinine comments (especially on naseeb dot com which i hadn't even heard of until all the hoopla over a female prayer leader started swinging).

but you know, as riled up as i am, and as much as i can say about the topic, i don't think i will. i'm just not even gonna write about it. i can't. it'll take too long. i won't do it. you can't make me. it's almost 5p and i have to leave work anyway. so yeah, it ain't gonna happen. sorry.