Friday, February 25, 2005

you win some, you lose some..

today, friday, is a really weird day for me. it started off weird with an unexpected phone call in the middle of the night which then led to some really, really weird and crazy dreams. i can't get into details behind the phone call, but let's just say it didn't leave me in the best of spirits, and it's carrying over into today. i'm a little saddened actually.

but it's friday, so i'll make the most of it. my social calendar for the weekend is way too hectic for my own good, and it wasn't really planned that way.. shit just sort of started presenting itself. it also doesn't help that it's tax season and i'm busy as hell.

speaking of tax season, for the first time in my life, i owe money to the irs. and it ain't chump change. i'm pretty annoyed. i was looking forward to a refund. you think maybe if i started one of those paypal thingies, i could get 1,500 visitors to donate $1 each between now and april 15th? yeah, i didn't think so either.

i want to get this really badly. i want to sell my honkin' huge 51 cd changer stereo and just buckle down and get it. it'll take up practically no space, it'll even be portable, and when you think about it, it's actually quite genious. and i've never owned anything bose before..

if you haven't heard ani difranco's new album, knuckle down, you probably should (if you dig ani that is). i like it. there are several songs on there that i love, but i'd have to say manhole and knuckle down are my favorites. she's playing two shows in chi this weekend, but i'll be catching the sunday night show at the intimate vic theater. here's hoping all the annoying teeny bopper fans will be at the saturday show at the auditorium theater..

i saw million dollar baby last weekend. it was very moving. i was very moved. i'm glad i saw it but.. it was hard. next up, hotel rwanda.. but i really have to prepare myself for a movie like that. speaking of genocide.. check out the link on the side bar for info on how you can help with the crisis in darfur. i wasn't really interested in jumping on the wristband bandwagon, but this cause is definitely one i'd join the trend for.. it's seemingly the most overlooked and urgent issue in the world today. too bad they don't have gold mines or diamonds in darfur. if they did, there might be u.s. and other western troops over there as we speak, helping to end the violence. there are other ways to help besides wearing a wristband so follow the link if you'd like more info.

i played poker with some friends the other night.. texas holdem.. it was a lot of fun despite losing $10. i'm learning all the lingo now.. blinds, flops, etc.. the good thing, though, is that i'm supposed to be joining some co-workers for a serious game next weekend.. so it was good for me to get in my first round with folks that actually didn't mind teaching me the game without taking advantage of my novice. the co-workers on the other hand are sure to be brutal.

how's the smoking going you might ask? i don't know. i'm revisiting day 2 for the 12th time. i didn't smoke all day yesterday. i even went out to a bar with a friend and managed not to smoke at all (she's trying to quit too). there were about 12 different instances when i could've easily tried to bum one off someone, but i resisted. i kept telling myself that if i could get past an evening at a bar without smoking, then i'm two steps further than usual.. and i did it. not one drag. and actually, the beer tasted different without a cigarette. it tasted good. tonite i have a dinner invitation to hang out with some bengali friends. the nice thing is that none of them smoke, so hopefully it'll be an easy night for me.

i've made a lot of new friends in the past few weeks.. and it's nice.. i'm surprised at my own openness in doing so, as well. i'm usually really shy and introverted, but lately that hasn't been the case. i suppose after my other friend fucked me over a few weeks ago i realized that in life, sometimes you win some and sometimes you lose some...