Saturday, February 19, 2005


so, perhaps i'm not completely comprehending how i-tunes gets their music/licensing/whatever that allows me to buy tunes for my ipod for the low price of 99c... but i'm a little disenchanted with a couple of things.

first of all, how the hell do they have "partial" albums?? did they just get lazy or run out of money and decide not to buy the license for the "whole" album?

and while the concept of i-tunes certainly has its merits, i'm a bit baffled at why they wouldn't have a particular artist's entire collection.. i mean.. again, perhaps i just don't understand how they get the rights to the music... for example, (purely hypothetical example here) does prince decide to let i-tunes sell lovesexy and not purple rain ?

another issue: i really dig ub40's version of many rivers to cross, and i-tunes literally has 40 different artist's versions of it.. but not ub40's.

and finally, i'm in absolute shock and horror at the fact that they do not have a single song by gil scott heron. can i get "the bottle" please? please???!!!