Sunday, February 13, 2005

draggin' out the birthday..

well, my birthweek is officially over, i am officially 32, and my hangover yesterday morning officially reminded me of that fact as i struggled to move around with any sense of grace or dignity. i managed to waste away the day, sleeping, after stumbling home on sunday morning at 6am! and to top it off, it rained all day yesterday which made for perfect under-the-covers reading and dozing.

i invited a bunch of my friends to meet me at joie de vine saturday night to cap off the birthday celebrations. almost everyone came! it was fantastic to be surrounded by all but a few of my closest friends in chicago. everyone seemed to really enjoy the ambience of the bar and had a great time. needless to say the drinks (mostly wine) were flowing freely along with flights of cheese and chocolate! at one point yours truly was busted double fisting with a glass of wine in each hand! yes, i was drunk, like i haven't been in ages.

but i have to admit, as gross as this is going to sound, i was very proud of myself at one point after taking note of the rumble in my stomach... i very calmly walked over to the bathroom, and because there was a line, i basically turned around and very calmly walked out of the bar, turned the corner into the alley, grabbed hold of a pole, and took care of business. yes, it was like that. it had to be done. but at least no one knew about it. that's a sure sign of age and maturity no? being able to handle oneself enough to puke in private? haha..

so yeah, i felt much better after that, and well.. the party went on. a couple of us ended up going to the crocodile afterwards for some dancing, but it closed not long after we got there. that was followed by late night eats at the white palace grill which i will never again go to because the food absolutely sucked ass. i don't know if it was because of my drunk ass tastebuds or what.. but you'd have to really work hard to fuck up some pancakes and hash browns...