Tuesday, March 08, 2005

i'm sick of being sick...

i've been under the weather for the past week. and i'm sick of it. although i managed to milk 3 days off work from the whole ordeal, i must say i'd much rather be healthy right about now. being sick sucks ass.

ok.. so while sitting at home on the couch in front of the tv (as all sick folks do), i realized that my cable company was offering free showtime. my cable company also provides this on demand thing where you can go back and watch shows you missed or movies in a database so long as you have a subscription to the channel. long story short, with the free week of showtime i managed to figure out that i could get in and watch episodes of the L word that i never saw. in the past, since i never had showtime, i've had to rely on michelle's recaps which were oftentimes quite funny to read. but i figured i'd go ahead and watch a few episodes to get the visuals, and check out my girl pam grier in the process.

i know i'm a year late and several dollars short with my views, but the show is a fucking drag. granted, i've only seen 3 episodes, older ones at that, but for the most part i was bored off my ass! i've met so many lesbians recently who refuse to make sunday night plans because they're all eager to go home and watch this boring ass show! ok, granted.. it's the ONE lesbian themed show on tv and for that alone, i suppose i can give it props.. but.. it's so lame!

i mean.. first of all, every single scene that had anything to do with jenny had me bored to fucking tears. why is she even on that fucking show? she's so boring and so undynamic.. what is her fucking point? she's like a waste of valuable airtime (not because she's bi) because she's so bland and boring.

secondly, despite the fact that 98.5% of the cast is white, not a single one of them even look like lesbians! and i'm sorry, but i say this because in real life, a lot (i'm not saying all) of lesbians look like fucking lesbians! and this shane chick.. she's supposed to be butch to the point where harry can't tell that she's a girl? gimme a fucking break. even i'm more butch than she is, and i really ain't that butch!

even the acting is for the most part, pretty bad. maybe they've all improved in the second season, but damn. i know l word fans are gonna jump down my throat for this and diss me for making snap judgements and all, but the truth is, it just wasn't as enchanting as i thought it had the potential to be.

ok, ok.. let me stop. i just had to throw in my 2 cents because that's what i do.. but i mean.. it's cool and all that this lesbian show is thriving and all.. but i don't see the big to do over it. if nothing else i know for sure that it's not worth spending the extra monthly fee to get showtime. not to mention it doesn't fit an iota of my reality of lesbian life, but then again i'm not white, rich and living in l.a. either. but by no means should you cry for me..