Friday, May 06, 2005

sans wisdom...

did i tell you i have jacked up teeth? yes, i think i did. so last week when i came home from work and experienced some seriously throbbing pain on the right half of my gums, i wasn't so surprised. i couldn't tell the exact source of the pain, but the thing is, i popped a tylenol with codeine and it still didn't go away.

now, anyone who has taken tylenol with codeine before knows that it stops all pain. but not that night. three hours later the pain hadn't subsided, so i popped an aleve. two hours later, i desperately popped another aleve and finally managed to fall asleep.

so of course this week found me in the dentist's office and an hour later i left minus a wisdom tooth. whatever pain killer he gave me, however, was magical. i felt zero pain. that shit was so potent that the following day at work i was groggy as hell all day, and at one point literally nodded off at my desk in the midst of writing a work related email to my supervisor. i should've never hit send because that shit was all kinds of incoherent. imagine slurring via email. that's exactly how it read. i had to apologize to her later explaining my drug-induced status.

but enough of my dental woes. though i know for a fact that there's more to come. i'll be sure to keep you all posted because i know how important it is to you.

man, my life is really weird right now. i can't really explain it and it's not like i'm depressed or in a bad state or anything, but i'm just all kinds of discombobulated. there's a lot of shit i need to get done and i'm procrastinating like a mofo. i feel like good things will happen once i get these things done, but i can't seem to motivate myself to do them even though i'm dying for these good things to happen. you know what i mean? yeah... i know you do. so anyway, perhaps this weekend will be productive. perhaps it won't.

but hey, at least the weather is finally being nice to me. i work downtown, right next to millenium park, and so i had a mini-self-picnic during my lunch break today. it felt so good to sit outside without a jacket on and just relax. after i finished eating i lay out in the sun, on the grass, staring at the sky while listening to my ipod and literally dozed off at one point. unfortunately i woke up in time to get back to work.

speaking of work, i'm really diggin' my hours. i work from 7:15am to 4pm instead of 8:15am to 5pm. the earlier hour really makes a difference! i avoid all the commuter traffic jams and have longer evenings. granted, i have to get up earlier, but i don't mind it so much. eventually i think i might take advantage of the flextime and start working four 10 hour days with 3 day weekends. but 10 hour days are sure to be brutal.

the job is starting to get challenging though, which is a good thing because it keeps me busy which means the days literally fly by. before i know it, it's time to go home and that's always a lovely scenario. my coworkers are nice enough. haven't really clicked with anyone yet though, but that's quite alright with me. i can be a loner when i need to be and am perfectly content with it.

on a completely different note, and in conclusion of this pointless blog entry, for those of you who haven't heard, meshell's spirit music jamia is touring in select u.s. cities this summer. you'd be remiss not to catch one of her shows. as always, fmh has all the details. yours truly, in a manner consistent with her fanaticism, will be attending both the madison and chicago shows.