Saturday, May 14, 2005

32 flavors...

aah... today was a good day. the weather cooperated nicely. it wasn't hot, but it was... springy. a light jacket and you were good to go.

so i went to get my hairs cut this afternoon. iris is my girl. she cuts hair out of her house where she lives with her sweet old mom, and she's quite possibly the cookiest, craziest, funniest character i've ever known. we've become good friends and always catch up on life during the two whole hours it takes for her to cut my short ass hair. but that's the lovely part about her. she's meticulous as hell. i never walk out of there disappointed. except that one time when she accidentally shaved off half of my eyebrow.

anyway, half way through, i asked her if she ever cut hair outdoors and she said yes. so we grabbed her stuff and the chair and sat out on her sidewalk in the sun while she chopped away. it was lovely. we here at love iris.

on another note, i've been elected (yes, actually elected) to be on the board of directors of my condo association. i already feel like it's gonna be nightmarish because i came home to 13 emails last night. 13 emails from board members trying to figure out a good time to have a meeting. good lord. there's only one lady on the board that i don't care for because she comes off very condescending. and i literally volunteered to serve on the board just to keep her in check because she just seems like the kind of person who would get carried away with the power of being on a board (fear not for deshigrrrl will save the day). the rest of the folks seem nice enough though. besides, i had to get at least one brown person in on the decision making. this is a huge investment for me. i'm not a trust fund baby. my parents didn't pitch in to help me with my downpayment. i'm not wealthy by any means. so i gotta be a part of what goes on around here. bottom line.

good god, what have i gotten myself into?