Thursday, March 20, 2003

quote of the year...

truer words have rarely been articulated so precisely:

"In one respect, I believe that the Bush administration is right: this war will look better when it is over. The military campaign will probably be less difficult than many of Washington�s opponents think. Most important, it will reveal the nature of Saddam�s barbarous regime. Prisoners and political dissidents will tell stories of atrocities. Horrific documents will come to light. Weapons of mass destruction will be found. If done right, years from now people will remember above all that America helped rid Iraq of a totalitarian dictator.

But the administration is wrong if it believes that a successful war will make the world snap out of a deep and widening mistrust and resentment of American foreign policy. A war with Iraq, even if successful, might solve the Iraq problem. It doesn�t solve the America problem. What worries people around the world above all else is living in a world shaped and dominated by one country�the United States. And they have come to be deeply suspicious and fearful of us."

~Fareed Zakaria, quoted from "The Arrogant Empire" published in the latest issue of Newsweek.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

think peace..

war is looming. if anyone doubted it, or thought maybe the old gun slinging cowboy was bluffing, now is the time to come to grips with reality. saddam ain't goin' nowhere in no 48 hours (and damn, the thought of hearing the countdown every hour on the hour is making me cringe). no one is arguing that the man is evil but really, ask yourselves, why should he? because bush said so?

really though, all this is, is the manifestation of plans made a long time ago.. big daddy tried and failed, but at least he gave way to a strategic border from which to begin. meanwhile, get the un to go in there and disarm them, so we can make our way in while they're still vulnerable. what strategy.. what manipulation.. what naivete..

goddess bless this world.. at the risk of sounding dramatic, everyone, please be safe.. the unknown is the scariest thing in the world ain't it?


Thursday, March 13, 2003

busy, busy, busy...

boy i tell ya, tax season's got me running in circles this year.. which is a good and bad thing. good in that it means more clients which means more $$ for me, but bad in that i'm exhausted and ready to get back to my normal, lazy life! imagine working a full day and then coming home to do more taxes.. that's what it's been like for the past 2 months and there's still a month to go! but i'm hanging in there. i sure could use a new, faster printer, though.. and a copier!

anyways, just a few snippets to report:

some asswipe named michael savage (not to be confused even in error with dan savage) is being given a talk show on msnbc. make sure you don't watch it, and if glaad can help it as they did with dr. laura, he won't be on air long enough for people to catch on. he's been known to make scathing remarks against people of color, women, immigrants ("you open the door to them and the next thing you know they are defacating on your country and breeding out of control") and of course the glbt community (comparing our "unnatural acts" to beastiality). he even threatened to take action against glaad should they try to protest his show. what(the f*ck)ever, dude. come on wit' it...

update: kudos to dell, casual male, ideal village, sharper image and procter & gamble for withdrawing their ads, and to kraft foods and general mills for refusing to sponsor his program.

never underestimate the power of a disenfranchised community! glaad rocks!

yesterday i went back to my ja school because some of us were selected to judge their poetry contest.. what an honor! it was hard to judge though because you felt like giving them all high scores just for having the guts to get up on stage in front of the entire school and reciting powerful poems! but in the end, the ones that i thought really deserved to win, did win. so that was very cool. and i also got a chance to pop in and say hi to my kids most of whom ran upto me with hugs and affection! they're all just too precious! i asked them if they had been writing in their journal and surprisingly they all said yes!

my uncle was in town last weekend to visit his daughter (my cousin) who is studying here in chicago.. i actually like this uncle, and it was nice seeing him, but it's always trying to have to go back in the closet and pretend like c is my roommate. she's a doll for putting up with me and my homophobic extended family. thankfully it was only a 2 day ordeal and by the time he left it felt like i was coming out of a cage! how much longer am i going to subject myself to this? i've no idea. i console myself by saying "this only happens once in a blue moon" but really, it's no consolation at all.

finally, i am banging my head against the wall for having completely slept on buying tickets to see annie lennox in chicago next month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean, the woman hasn't toured in ages and i've been waiting and waiting for her to get on the tour bus! so of course the one week i didn't read the chicago reader was the week they advertised her show. somebody just shoot me and put me out of my misery. and yes, it's sold out. sigh...

and, in conclusion of this week's blog, i have a question for all you readers: is floetry really all that? i still haven't had a chance to listen to any of their work. should i go out and buy their cd? they recently played in chicago, but of course i didn't go. am i sleeping on this duo? also.. has anyone heard tracy chapman's (not so) new release? should it be on my list of cd's to buy? any input is appreciated.

so there you have it folks, the last 2 weeks of my life in a nutshell.