Monday, May 23, 2005

pimpin' my ride...?

i, deshigrrrl, non car owner by choice, became the center of attention on many streets and highways all over chicago this weekend. not because i'm beautiful, smart, charming, witty and just generally cool as fuck as some of you might jump to conclude (hehe)... but because i happened to rent a 2005 ford mustang over the weekend by sheer chance.

see, i'm a (hertz discount weekend) compact car kinda gal. i go for the cheapest car i can get. no frills, no thrills, just a fucking car that'll get me from a to b to c to z. that's it. but this past weekend i had to make a last minute reservation cuz my uncle was in town, and the 2005 mustang was the cheapest they had (and not at all bad at $25/day i might add).

so anyway, it's a nice car, as you can see. a bit flashy for my taste, and not at all something i'd ever buy for myself. but it was definitely fun to drive. the funny part was that at first, i noticed people looking in my general direction quite a bit and while my gut reaction was to stare back in a "wtf are you looking at?" kinda way, i was reminded that it was the car they were looking at, and not me. one guy pulled up next to me and said "nice car!" and i'm all "thanks!" like i own it or something. for the most part though, the oglers were straight white men and i could see them mouthing the words "that's the new mustang!" every time i passed by them.

what i didn't like about the car, however, was that it said "mustang" in big letters on the lower half of the side doors and to me, that shit is just overbearing and unnecessary. if it's such hot shit as it seems to be based on people's reactions i witnessed, why does ford feel the need to point out the obvious? if it's such a classic car that's recognizable instantly why is it even necessary? anyway. that's neither here nor there i guess, and my point is that i hate that free advertising shit. it's like, for example, buying a tommy hilfiger shirt that says TOMMY on one sleeve and HILFIGER on another in huge ass print. that's free advertising. i mean, if it's subtle, that's cool. but no need to get all obnoxious about it, you know? if i have to advertise for you then you should pay me to wear that shit... is all i'm saying. a mere symbol should suffice, in my opinion, no?

but i have nothing much else to write about so i thought i'd tell you all how popular this new mustang really is. if you're down and out and feeling neglected, rent one of these suckers for a weekend and your ego will automatically be inflated by straight white men. unless you're a non car owner like me who really doesn't give a shit about cars.

did i mention it was hella fun to drive tho? :)