Friday, June 03, 2005

me? a bookworm... no.

but summer tagged me, so here goes:

total number of books you own: gosh, i'm ashamed to admit this, but i suppose a rough estimate would be, like... fuck, i dunno... like 40 or 50? yeah, i know, pitiful. thing is, similar to movies, i didn't used to feel the need to actually own things that i'd only read or watch once. i've since changed my view on that with regard to books. i now own them instead of just borrowing them, but i still don't buy movies.

last book i read: babyji by abha dawesar

current book reading: the god of small things by arundhati roy. i've been reading it for a while now, but only because i haven't had TIME to finish it! deshigrrrl has been lacking quality coffee-shop-reading time lately. sad, but true! i've also started reading the angela davis reader but it got a little heavy so i set it aside for a little while until i have the time and brain cells to continue.

fiction or non-fiction: fiction for the most part, but i do enjoy some non-fiction every now and again.

first book read: shit, that's a hard one. probably the one with "see jane run" in it, whatever it's called. is that a dr. seuss book??? as a kid though, i used to love reading the little teenage mystery novels, like the hardy boys and nancy drew or the sherlock holmes novels. and archie. man i loved me some archie comic books. my mom would have to bribe me with archies to make me go places with her when i didn't want to go.

largest impact: i've no fucking idea. i guess that means none, right? i don't think i've come across a book that actually impacted me. i mean, i like a lot of books, and some books make me think about shit i wouldn't have thought of, but i can't say any of them actually impacted my life.

favorite scholarly book: does "the 99 critical shots in pool" count as scholarly? i mean, i learned a lot of little tricks from that one... haha...

most read book: i don't think i've ever read a book more than once.

sexiest book: when i was 12 or 13 i read some trashy little book whose name i can't even remember. but it had its hot moments for sure.

biggest disappointments: i'm gonna have to hop on the personality chix bandwagon here. love by toni morrison. i just couldn't get through it.

see? i'm a boring ass book person. i've only recently starting reading a lot. i used to pretty much be a non reader when i was a teenager but that's only because i was always out and about looking for trouble.