Saturday, July 02, 2005

greetings from miami...

due to the sensitive nature of the author's emotions over the weekend, portions of the original entry have been removed.

it's hotter than hell out here. if i wore an orange robe i'd probably burst into flames. but i got in the atlantic ocean for a bit yesterday but i didn't have my bathing suit with me so it wasn't as enjoyable as i would've liked it to be. we had a little picnic and hung out at the beach and fried for a while but it rained later and after that the weather was a lot more bearable... but generally speaking the air quality is stagnant and humid and not comfortable at all. it's all about the air conditioning here, let me tell ya.

tomorrow will probably call for more beach activities but this time i'll be prepared with a bathing suit. i'll be watching out for sharks no doubt cuz i could really use both my legs for the remainder of my life.

still haven't gotten laid (but thanks for the good wishes mwilli)... gay pride was non eventful. i was home early and exhausted as hell. i'm just getting old... yeah, that's what it is.

what's going on on your end?