Saturday, July 09, 2005

private dancer...

as an aside to the main content of this post, i just wanted to share that i recently got tested for all stds (including hiv, syphillis, etc.) just because i wanted to know for sure that my body wasn't secretly harboring some wretched disease unbeknownst to me. my doctor called me last week to say i was clean and clear and disease free. i can't tell you how good it feels to actually know this without having to resort to mere speculation. for any of you who've never done so, i encourage you to. it's just simply better to know.

ok, so onto the main topic...

so, there seems to be a pattern going on in terms of my miami escapades. some of you may recall my adventures with "peaches" last time, and while i enjoyed it thoroughly, i vowed never to go back to a strip club because i just felt, well, skanky.

my cousin (male, about the same age as me) and i are really, really tight. we can talk about anything and everything under the sun from how we feel about our dysfunctional family to the various psychos in our childhood that somehow (albeit unknowingly) played a part in the development of our sexual maturity, to, well, plain old sex. so during one of these late night soirees that consisted of me and him sitting outside on his patio getting drunk, stoned and introspective, the topic of sex came up and i told him how i hadn't had any in quite a while. of course his solution to my problem was to take me to what he calls a "tittie bar". (i hate the sound of that).

now, feminist thought aside, i just don't like the idea of girls dancing around naked for the sole purpose of providing entertainment for sleazy men. i don't like the idea of men going up to them and slipping dollar bills between the various cracks of their anatomies with the promise of more if they agree to go to the back room with them. i also just simply don't like the general aura of strip clubs period. now, of course i have varying degrees of issues with the strippers themselves, but i'll save that for another day. but my cousin convinced me to go. and so we went.

long story short, i had a little back room rendezvous with "raquel". and let me just say that "raquel" was a hot little puerto rican mama who managed to absolutely thrill me to bits (i was fully dressed, thank you). i think we both had a good time, despite her fake perfect titties. :)

and while the remnants of my memories of "raquel" linger on, i have to admit i do feel skanky again.

but i'll get over it soon... probably before my next trip to miami, no?